Monday, August 6, 2012

New script by Delicate-Pearl

Hebergeur d'image 

The script is interactive and ends in layers - pauses so you can choose the own material you want. 
The script was tested in Psp 9 - X4 (windows 7 and vista), psp8 to 10 Windows XP and psp12 windows XP Pro 
NO PLUGIN were used. 
Perfect for your all projects ! 
 Layers dimensions : 1800 x 2000 px - 300 dpi 
Dimensions only element : 1750 x 1974 px - 300 dpi 
Easy to resize 

This is a COMMERCIAL USE product. 
Please read carefully my TOU included in the file before using it. 

 If you want to use my Scripts and templates as CU4CU, you can get my CU4CU Licence.

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