Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Irish Maiden PU Kit

"Wild Moon Child is what he called me.
Saying... My smile could light up that of the
world in total darkness. Upon reaching up
to caress my face in endearment ~
He stared almost seductively into my eyes.

Your eyes... Your Emerald Green eyes ~
They tell me stories... Of places ~
Of spaces in time. Please don't turn away.
Let me speak from this Noble heart of mine
Allow me to raise my silver goblet of Crimson wine~
To your divine lips... So you may take a sip.

Your red hair... Says a lot about the Woman you are
I sense your intense fiery passion...
That is locked away deep inside of thee heart.
Where you control all of your raw emotions...
Deep emotions ~ That come out in the form
Of your dreams. While You sleep calmly and
peaceful through the night.

I see you too... In my dreams of plenty.
Diversity plays such a big role~
For I see you... Dancing upon the
shimmering beam of the moon.
Before disappearing to places unknown.
Now you have allowed me time to...
Speak~ I bid you farewell ....
And may you find everything that you seek
My sweet Irish maiden of the sea"

© 2007 Velvet Mist (All rights reserved)

57 Elements & 11 Papers. PERSONAL USE ONLY. Not All Shown.

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