Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Script - Vamp Dangle


I've got a new PSP script available in store now:

Vampe Dangle Script let's you create a creepy skull dangle - perfect for those gothic or emo kits! Final size is 1225 x 1821 px.
This script is going to create the dangle you see on the left side in the preview. The final result will leave you with an unmerged image so you can move layers around to create more unique elements (as seen on the preview above the "Modified Results"). You can remove the 'claws", the horns, the wings, fangs, blood drips, bones and the jewel and/or mix and match to your liking.
Included are two versions: basic and advanced. The basic version (V1), allows you to choose the colors for each part as well as provides the Manual Color Correction option to colorize the metal parts. The advanced version (v2), provides the same options plus control over the Brightness/Contrast and Cutout settings for a more indepth customization.
Script was tested in PSP 9 through 13. No outside Filters/Plugins are required to run this script - everything you need is included in the zip file. For installation help, please read the Instruction file included.

Thank you for looking!!


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